Nonprofit applications are due by mid-September for the academic year. comm.UNITY will announce the organizations we have chosen to work with within one week of the application due date.

We ask that you fill out an application to work with comm.UNITY so we can better understand your organization and its needs. Please complete the online application below or print a pdf version of the application and email it to

Selection to work with comm.UNITY is based on the needs of your organization, as well as our organization's capability to meet them. The number of nonprofit organizations we choose to work with depends on the number of students active in the organization. We work very hard to meet the needs of your organization and we ask that you respect the time and dedication of our members by not asking comm.UNITY to complete projects that other student groups will be working on.

If you have any questions, please use our contact form, or you may contact our Executive Director Jessica David at

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